The idea of Words from the Wise came to me (Tim Cavanah) while working as a sales rep for a running accessory company.  I spent most weekends traveling around the country working running event expos.  I realized that everybody at these events inspired me, from the front runner trying to set records to the last runner who was getting their life and health on track or gutting through injury or illness.  There was great apparel at every event that satisfied the sense of humor but I rarely saw anything inspirational.  Being a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, it hit me -- there was an obvious market for high quality running apparel that could actually inspire a runner, and the runners around them, to finish a race when they want so badly to quit.  The inspiration on the shirts are not only to inspire you, but also to BE THE INSPIRATION for others.

I started Words from the Wise after many years of trying to find a job I could truly be passionate about.  I've always been in sales but never truly got excited about anything I was selling.  Money stopped being enough of a motivator for me.  After years of unsuccessfully trying to find a job that would make me look forward to waking up in the morning, I decided to create my own dream job.  I thought hard about some things I enjoy doing for free and then figured out a way to make a business out of it.  I've always been interested in the idea of somebody being wise, and always enjoyed researching words of wisdom so why not share some of my favorite, most powerful quotes on an awesome running shirt with other positive people?  And where else will I find more positive people than at running events?